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fries potatoes
crushed chili
red pepper
sunflower oil
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Peel the potatoes with a brush and boil. Still hot cut into quarters, put in a bowl, sprinkle spices, put it sunflower oil, loosen carefully and place in a tray covered with baking paper. Bake in a preheated 180C oven until they turn crust - about 30 minutes.
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24 Feb 2014


Rally, I liked your recipe and try mandatory. I'll write about the outcome ...

Vyarche will wait to share :)

Only now I saw the recipe and I will try. Today I made fries with gravy and will soon launch a recipe. A cooking - recently do differently. Wash well with potato crust and drying. Pierce with a fork. Put in a large saucepan with lid yen (without liquid) and put into the microwave. The last time more than 1 kg of potatoes - 12 minutes (twice 5 minutes + 2 minutes). Every time queue and check the status of the. It's a great! So *brew* and carrots. Recommendation thus head of Petrov and works without error. Hello! :)

Flower, thanks for the advice :) I have MB even two !, but also dish warmers and hot milk for cocoa - otherwise not use them ... Should really began to use its facilities. For fries - share how you liked!

Use them for Russian salad - there was no error. I myself, if I knew, I would think of them normally cooked. Peel seamlessly. And no water - quickly and cleanly. Next time I'll try to peel them in advance. As I said morkovchetata my meatloaf is boiled peeled no time. I use 15 years MB - the greater. Also most warmers. But as an ordinary oven bake. The disadvantages are its 2. No different power levels and the timer is not up to me seconds - the minimum is half a minute. And you know that your fries will try to start MV- peeled beforehand. Will write how they received, but it will be later. Hello Rally! :)

Waiting to share how you liked. The next time you do the potatoes will make them in MB. :)

Chips are great! Very easy to make and very tasty! Pritesnyavyah that may become puree until mix them with spices and oil, but fortunately everything remained whole. Raleigh, very good shot!

Thank you, dear :) Good appetite!

recipe made with fresh, whole, smaller potatoes. Added a lump of butter. Very tasty.