* Cream Delight for the palate *

Submitted by enr on 28 Mar 2013
2/3 cup sugar
60-70 g butter (82% fat)
200 ml cooking cream
120 g biscuits
1 cup milk, sweetened to taste
2 g instant coffee
1 tbsp Baileys liqueur * * - optional
800 g sour cream
1-2 tbsp caster sugar
1 vanilla
* Cream Delight for the palate *
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Into a suitable container to put the sugar is caramelized. When the caramel becomes brownish and liquid, add the butter. Stir continuously until the issuance of the water from the butter. When you mix the two ingredients, pour pre-heated cream and again stirred until homogeneous. It is important that the cream is similar in temperature to the hot caramel does not become heat shock. Leave to cool. Meanwhile, heat the milk and dissolve it in a packet of instant coffee (of dozichki) and add sugar to taste. Can be flavored with Baileys liqueur * * or other alcohol at your discretion. Dip the biscuits in the resulting mixture a good soaking and arrange them on the bottom of the small bowls. If you stay with instant milk, you can pour the top- biscuits will absorb the liquid. Distribute them on sour cream, whipped with a pre vanilla and powdered sugar to taste. Top distribute caramel mixture. Cool before table-several hours to be soaked biscuits nice. From this amount came to me 4 metal sholichki (diameter 12.5 cm and 2.5 cm high) and one cup. * You can add other alcohol, fruit, nuts or chocolate. I hope you enjoy dessert and if someone improvise, to share the results.
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28 Mar 2013