Dessert Kaldaramche (Rocky Road)

Submitted by enr on 25 Nov 2011
200 g of milk chocolate
50 g of dark chocolate
20 g butter
1 cup chopped candy marshmallow
1/2 cup coconut
3-4 tbsp chopped red jelly
2-3 tbsp chopped peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts or other nuts of your choice
2-3 butter cookies
Dessert Kaldaramche (Rocky Road)
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Chocolate is melted in a water bath or in the microwave along with the butter . The remaining ingredients were stirred. Add chocolate and stir well. Chocolate mixture is poured into the oven covered with paper container (can pan or box) measuring about 20x10 cm. Put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours or until firm. Then cut into pieces with a knife, which is immersed in hot water and wiped before each section. * The name of the dessert is Rocky Road, which directly translates to a bumpy road, but not much suitable for the name of the cake. * Dessert tolerate any changes: - chocolate may be entirely dark or white. Can be done with white and dark chocolate to obtain pattern. - Can be put chopped candied or dried fruits. - Can put any color and taste jelly, but the classic version is red (or cocktail cherries). * The size of the court is not so important, dessert bake and thicker and thinner is delicious. * The melting of the chocolate should be done slowly in a water bath or if in a microwave, stirring every 30 seconds - 1 minute. * 1 cup = 250 ml
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25 Nov 2011


It looks very simple, fast and effective - will try a must! I want to ask, however, these candy marshmallow where they can be found (maybe they know but I've never so detection by name) and nuts are roasted or raw? And I think that songwriting biscuits right?

easy and spectacular dessert, with the possibility of improvisation! Looks like a beautiful flower mosaic.

Spectacular is. I think there are pieces of biscuits.

chocolates are soft like foam and should have them in larger stores. There are cookies, I missed to put them into products, but added them already. Nuts are roasted and salted.

These candy certainly have them in *Penny* and are not expensive.The recipe is great and is a memory of my childhood, when we put delight because others. There was no cocoa and chocolate since his was a luxury.Mother tucking roll in plastic and put it in the camera.I tell him *Concrete cake.*Got lost.Great recipe will surely try now on holidays.

very tasty - chudesiyka

di_jar, such candy has in Billa. The recipe is very *colorful*, will try.

This dessert is very popular in Australia - every store, every shop and every coffee is offered. Together with Caramel Slice (Сладкиш Caramel squares (video recipe) ) are straight as an emblem. Especially beloved by children - candy and chocolate ... :)

Congratulations on your chosen name ,, ,, kaldaramche you put this delicacy, can not but be a favorite of children and all of us will do it in eng. here they are not part of the products for now passes to favorites.

Wow, great. Bravo. Will surely be very tasty dessert :)

Very nice kaldaramcheta and guess and delicious. I want to ask -nyakade site was met recipe for marshmallow candies and whether it can be prepared this dessert? If it may be easier for those who do not know what these candy.

EMKA them have been in the booth with zhilirani candy soft-air :)

Emka, has even колекция recipes for candy marshmallow (tsuck) , but will hardly be easier with them, because you take time. Otherwise, I do not see why not become a homemade marshmallow, but I would recommend before you choose this option, you carefully examine the stand with candy (where and jelly) in larger shops to you.

Thank BRIDA and xevi. I will seek and write the result.

Very tasty look - it reminds me of childhood and *Salaam cake* that my mother did. Will surely prepare their return youth :)

I used dark and white chocolate, but they melted together. I put plenty of biscuits, almost whole walnuts and *rubber bears*. I had marshmallow candy, but next time I would put. It was very tasty - THANK Neville :)

Very tasty dessert! Thanks for the recipe! :)