Dock with tomatoes and rice

Submitted by enr on 19 Apr 2013
1 onion or 2 bunches of spring onions
500 g dock
1 cup Rice
800 g crushed tomatoes - canned or raw
sunflower oil
Dock with tomatoes and rice
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Dock previously washed and cleaned of the median nerve, so as to retain only the leaves. Chopped onion, fry it with sunflower oil, add scalded and drained of water dock, then tomatoes and rice. And add two cups of water and stick in the oven at 200C degrees. This dish loves more fat - in this case sunflower oil.
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19 Apr 2013


obozhavammm, especially served with yogurt and carrot :) can add

Since cook it for the first time, the jars with tomatoes / poultry, from my dear aunt / come sour *flavor* and decided not to serve with yoghurt. And so I ate it - otherwise I'm sure that yogurt is wonderful!

whenever I cook with tomatoes from the jar put 1-2 pinches of sugar / depends on the quantity /. It is not felt, but the sour streak of canned tomatoes disappears. The recipe is great. Fast, easy and delicious.

Yes, and I put sugar whenever cook with canned tomatoes :)

Very tasty get! Docks directly put it in the onion without being scalded. Due to technical reasons must fully brew dish, but the result is great :) Albena, thanks for the recipe :)

Glad Mimosa! Enjoy your meal!