Dough rolls and buns involved in baking

Submitted by enr on 06 Feb 2014
250 ml warm milk
20 g fresh yeast or 7 g of dry yeast
2 + 1 egg white (yolk spreads)
75 ml sunflower oil
6 tbsp sugar + 1 tbsp of yeast
2 vanilla
600 g flour + 200g
grated lemon peel (optional)
Dough rolls and buns involved in baking
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In small bowl, crush the yeast, add 1 tbsp sugar and pour 50 ml warm milk taken from the total. January hazy nice. In the container, pour the warm milk and add yeast fuzzy. In another bowl, beat the eggs lightly with a fork with egg white, sugar, the oil and vanilla and pour this mixture into the container with milk. Sift flour and initially put only 600 g in the container. Turn the machine on test program (kneading and rising - without baking) and watch the process of kneading. If necessary add the remaining amount of flour to the dough until then the machine stops smears on the bottom and is separated from it, but at the same time is not hard, but soft and slightly sticky to the touch. Close the lid of the machine and let the program ended. Then remove the dough on a greased with sunflower oil surface and use it for whatever you want-for buns or pita stuffed with - the craftsmanship of you. * Very often, you've probably wondered why the same recipe for dough (either for bread pita or other) one time gets better the second time nothing like - you should know that different brands of flour - as a number or batch manufacturing company, have different and sometimes yield at kneading flour is taken more or less. It depends on the humidity of the flour of particle size and much more - you will not lecture now. Just when involved something new like a recipe, either by hand or machine, do not put all the flour specified quantity and observe the process while knead to add, if necessary and more flour and sometimes back that amount comes to more. * The recipe January dug from the books of my mother in law and a small cosmetic changes in the weight and products in January vamped for the bakery. I am very pleased with the outcome. I uploaded pictures of muffins.
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06 Feb 2014


It seems that this dough is very aerial and fluffy, and the image directly prozarta of light. Old recipes always successful, although often done by eye. Record your favorite recipe. Will knead by hand until soft and slightly sticky dough, and then shaping it into / in a greased surface. Rest for you and how many times? I buns, as your :)

Mariyanka, like my muffins fashioned, where they sold in the canteen of the school. And they were so delicious and smelled so nice, especially topliiii ... And another thing I noticed-dough implicated in the bakery is better than that involved hand.

Just one vremeshnite muffins are. Aqua'll write original recipe svekarvata..ima little difference in produktite..naistina and the machine became ddosta bubble was touched cover-I did not think to photograph but will be corrected in the next mesene..otdelila I have several these buns to dry to do with true kremkaramel muffins as a boil-like as they do now with these croissants and it is-me smell the croissants machine and spoil the taste of creme caramel. Here is the original retsepta..1 cube yeast (40 g) was reconstituted with 1. L. Sugar 1. L. Flour, a pinch of salt and 100 ml of warm milk and let it rise. In a bowl is broken 4 + 1 egg white, 1 and a half cup of sugar water, 500 ml milk and a mixture of melted lard, 100ml and 50ml oil 2-3 vanillin. After effervescent yeast is added to the egg mixture. Sieve flour of 1 kg is well-done and pour the liquid mixture and mix a soft smooth dough. Covered with oil and leave to double its volume. Premesva and leave to rise again. Then divided into 5-6 balls but bigger (as dincheta) and each roll of the round but not too big to watch is thick not thin and cut into triangles and as you already know. Svekito same dough used it for a sweet cake-form is now according to how you work and imagination can and stuffing to make it ..

recipe is super, I have not done photos. Next time. Thanks for the recipe. On kneading ... All meddle in hlebokarnata. Everything! The other day I even successfully kneaded over 1 kg of flour, just let him go 2 times kneading. In principle, active mixing is about 20 minutes remaining 70 minutes is rising (to me program my hour and 30 minutes for the dough). I have my favorite meal, which never bebaking paned me and I only use it a lot I experimented until I find him. :) Principle of kneading is only one - first put all things liquid (water, eg. Milk, pickled. Milk, cooking oil, olive oil, eggs and so on..), Salt, flour, dry yeast, sugar. Whatever you put the last 3 are always in that order and you get a perfect dough.

didkapan, what is your favorite meal? Maybe personal contact me. Mariyanka, thank you as always very comprehensive :)

akva7, you wrote it personal, because it may be considered as advertising. Just to tell you when knead larger amount of dough in the baking is for kneading (i. E. 20-30 minutes). Fermentation moving it in a large pot, cover and warm (in a standard way), otherwise not only will you against the lid. ;)

Mariana, thanks for shared recipe. Were wonderful, just as you remember them from my childhood. I made them with jam and chocolate.

guarinociro very glad that you liked the recipe, muffins look great on I had chocolate and otherwise I would have them do it, but with a sweet and finished in no time.