Dried Kaiser pork sirloin

Submitted by enr on 21 Dec 2010
pork LOIN
salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, Qimen, lemon juice, red wine
Dried Kaiser pork sirloin
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Pieces LOIN with size about 30 cm in length and width approximately 4x4 cm make in a large enough container to be bombarded with plenty of salt. Leave to maturing for 24 hours in the cold. Then wash the salt and maceration, may in the same vessel, under running water period of three hours and a half. Dry. I ram them with a standard hammer for chops. Kaiser to prepare a mixture of 60:40 Qimen and paprika. Add pepper, salt, sugar, juice of one lemon, 50 ml red wine and pressed garlic. Add water until the mixture becomes mushy. Fillets dabbed with this mixture, hang to dry in a cool, dry place until ready. * Maceration under running water is very important.
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21 Dec 2010


... is this saying yummy!

I've done with telishko fillet becomes great appetizer for rakia!

Excellent appetizer .... and not only. And we do so only without garlic (her husband does not like)

sea salt or ordinary

salt can be marine or stone - both equally preserved. The important thing is just to be fine, not big.