Duck chicken liver with orange jelly

Submitted by enr on 01 Jan 2014
400 g chicken livers
125 g butter
1 onion
1 tsp dried thyme
1/4 tsp nutmeg
3-4 field mushrooms (more golemichki) 2 fresh porcini or 20 g dried
2 tbsp cognac
1/2 cup liquid cooking cream
salt, pepper
2 oranges
10 g gelatin
Duck chicken liver with orange jelly
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Stew half butter finely chopped onion until turns white and is tender little. Put livers and chopped mushrooms (if dried first soak them in warm water to soften), thyme, a little grated orange peel and season with salt and pepper. Add brandy and flamed if you want. Livers must remain soft pink inside, so do not cook too long. Pour the hot livers in narrow deep bowl and add them to the rest of the butter and cream. Blend all very well until you get a smooth mixture fluffy. Use a blender or high-speed blender. Leave the cream of the liver to cool. Cover the bottom and sides of your chosen vessel nylon foil. Pour the paste inside and smooth well. Use foil, then if you want to remove the paste and to serve in another court or on the board, otherwise you do not need to do this. I pour a chilled mixture tribunal previously bathed with cold water and Zagladin well. Drain oranges and strain the juice. The molten gelatin in a water bath in a little water, and mix it with the juice. Leave it in the fridge to gel slightly, then pour on patéto. Leave the container in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. If you use foil: Before serving remove patéto court together with nylon and remove it carefully. Back pate back in court or serve in the plateau with suitable bread.
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01 Jan 2014


Pepi, great is served!

It turned out that not only is beautiful, but it is delicious! :) Pepi, the combination of chicken liver and orange is great! For me it is quite unusual, but I liked. I changed the *little* some of the ingredients of the mixture with livers. Do not put mushrooms and olives, parsley and roasted red pepper, thyme and jumped. Appetizer prepared in silicone forms. I was pretty tough reversal (especially the mixture of livers, then imposed amendments) :)

Great looks, Reni! Glad you liked the taste! :)We were invited to lunch today and took svekitata of pate ... is not going to tell you, there were very very praise :) :) :)