Farfalle in cheese sauce

Submitted by enr on 19 Mar 2011
500 g pasta farfalle (bow)
500 ml cooking cream
100 g blue cheese
150 g processed cheese
100 g smoked feta cheese
100 g cream cheese
50 ml olive oil
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp dry basil
2 pinches ground black pepper
Farfalle in cheese sauce
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The paste is placed in a pot of boiling water, a little salt and 2 tbsp sunflower oil. While cooked prepare the sauce: heating oil in a large and deep pan, put in a few seconds the garlic cloves as to perfume oil and remove them. Pour cream. Cheese, pre-chopped, add to the cream and stir until melted. Sosa leave to Clock for 1-2 minutes, tampering with basil and pepper and take off from the heat. Cooked farfalle Drain the water and pour it in the sauce. Stir well and serve immediately.
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19 Mar 2011


I love pasta with cheese sauce! This really chesanche sauce acquires pleasant fragrance.

recipe is great! I would be tempted to put and bekonche :)

Bacon or ham into small cubes - suitable additions, I agree. :) Thanks for rating!

really delicious, but I think with bacon or fish losos- as they ate in Italy will become even more delicious :)