Fig liqueur Drunk figs

Submitted by enr on 19 Aug 2009
500 g figs - healthy, ripe
2 cloves
1 stick cinnamon
700 ml vodka or cognac
sugar optional
Fruit thoroughly wash, dry, put in a large jar (1 liter), add cinnamon and cloves, optional and sugar refilled with alcohol and must stay at least one month. Strain the liquor and stored in a bottle. The fruits (figs drunk) into jars with screw, pour boiling sugar syrup with 2: 1 (sugar: water) is closed and turn to cool . Used for cakes, creams, etc.
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19 Aug 2009


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In the fridge you stay one month or not?

No, not in the refrigerator. In the closet, quite normal.

Thanks for the reply. And if you another stupid question - Figs are my frozen in the freezer - I try them or to look fresh?

When frozen fruits and vegetables they are partly destroyed cell walls. So after thawing is kashvat. For this you need strong liquor figs remain intact. I think this is why it will not work well with frozen fruit - because it will Muffler.

I thought so. Thanks for the reply, go to Favorites and waits ...

and it would work with brandy instead of vodka or cognac