Fish baked with walnuts

Submitted by enr on 01 Dec 2002
800 g of hake, hake, beard or other fish without head
1 kg onions
400 g red tomatoes
1/2 cup (100 ml) vegetable oil
25 g butter
1 bay leaf
1 lemon
80 g walnuts
1/2 bunch parsley
20 g flour
Fish is cleaned of skin and bones, washed , cut portions oblique muscle fibers each portion slightly hammered with a wooden mallet or chopper, salted and sprinkled with pepper and breaded portions poluizparzhvat in highly heated sunflower oil. Thinly sliced ​​onion fry in half the vegetable oil, with a little salt. Poluizparzheniyat to add the peeled onion, finely chopped red tomatoes, and with them, fry the onions remain almost fat, then add: pepper, dafinovit sheet and broken (cut) walnuts, salt and parsley. From the prepared mixture ejected 2/3, place in a baking dish, top is pordezhdat fried portions, cover with remaining mixture. On each portion is placed slightly peeled lemon, and the rest of the lemon juice squeezed on portions, pour fried with butter and bake in moderate oven about 10-15 minutes. After removing from the oven dish can sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.
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01 Dec 2002