Fried chicken bonfileta type KFC

Submitted by enr on 30 Sep 2012
500 g chicken fillet (maybe chicken)
2 eggs
red and black pepper, salt
sunflower oil for frying
Fried chicken bonfileta type KFC
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If you use instead bonfileta, chicken breast, you must cut across the muscle fibers resembling pieces of tenderloin. It is good to wash the meat. You'll need 4 deep plates. In the first bowl put flour without Jalil, second dish - beating 2 eggs, cornflakes third objective 70% (take a bowl and beat the cornflakes almost powder) and 30% breadcrumbs and add salt to taste, red and black pepper, coriander. Take the mestse, passing through the first plate of flour, rolling around it until all is done in flour. Then move into the second plate of eggs, there is also tops moved until drench. Finally in the third plate. The combination of cornflakes and bread crumbs will stick perfectly, because the egg. Once you perfect and dirty, put an empty plate in the fourth, which will stack the finished pieces. Frying is also very important - not fry maximum power or low heat. If pan - at 6 stage stove bake 5, at step 4 - 3. If deep-fried - 180C degrees. Do not let it burn off the breading. When it appetizing golden 100% ready, just because it has chicken breasts cut into thin (if, of course, you replace tenderloin). After frying, leave fillet on a napkin in open court without cover, best in a large flat dish. Consume 15-20 minutes after their preparation, then breading is crispy.
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30 Sep 2012