Glass tagliatelle Asia

Submitted by enr on 15 Mar 2011
250 g glass tagliatelle (pasta or rice)
500-750 g chicken
300 g leek
50 g (1 bunch) fresh coriander
2 tbsp sunflower oil or olive oil
soy sauce
Glass tagliatelle Asia
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Glass tagliatelle are cooked al dente (not quite weak), drained, washed with cold water and put in a deep bowl. Leek fry 1 tbsp sunflower oil and added to the already finished tagliatelle. Add the chopped coriander flavored with soy sauce, mix well and put on top fry in 1 tbsp chicken. * This dish without chicken can be used to garnish other main dishes, as a kind of salad. * to bear hot, you can add chili pepper or Tabasco sauce. * Glass tagliatelle are a type of pasta and glass are called, because they are transparent like glass - rice tagliatelle.
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15 Mar 2011


nataliya--talyatele want to ask are not you kind of pasta, but stood to nari4at glass?

Yes, kind of Macaroni are, and are called glass, because they are transparent like glass.

Thank you very much

Christo, the only transparent spaghetti I have in mind are rice - for them you talking about?

Correct Pavel, for them it is.

interesting recipe :) Incidentally, the Chinese have many different etc. Our *spaghetti* :) apart from rice flour a lot of them are made from a kind of bean & # 32160; & # 35910; or in English: MUNG BEAN (green is the color) in Bulgarian cuisine is similar mung bean or wild beans.

and, except glass and those of green beans them called *cellophane*, again for the same reason - they are translucent :)