Grannys cookies

Submitted by enr on 31 Mar 2010
1 cup yogurt
10 g ammonia soda
20 tbsp sugar
15 tbsp melted pork lard
2 ampoules vanilla
4-5 eggs
flour - enough to make a medium soft dough (about 1.250 kg)
1 egg for egg wash
sugar for sprinkling
Grannys cookies
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Yogurt mix in a bowl. To this was added aqueous ammonia soda and allow it rise slightly. Add sugar and mix. Add poizstinalata lard and stir again. Add the eggs and everything nice is wrong. Finally puts and vanilla. Sift the flour into a basin or other appropriate sadinki and doing well. It is poured into the mixture and stirred dough - initially with a spoon and then with hands until a smooth, medium soft dough. Wind up the court with newspaper and plastic and allow to rise at least 4-5 hours (I leave one day wrapped in a blanket and warm). Then the dough is rolled out crust thickness 0.5-1 cm and cut shapes optional. Arrange on a lightly floured tray, cover with egg and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Bake in preheated 180 C oven until lightly browned.
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31 Mar 2010


Bravo. I had forgotten about this great recipe. Thank you.

I nastargvam sheet limonza a stronger flavor. tozha are beautiful nai veligdenski cookies. bravo