Green onions with eggs

Submitted by enr on 04 May 2011
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paprika, salt
Green onions with eggs
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Onions fry in heated oil for 5-10 minutes until soft. Tap the eggs may be allowed to envelop or turn to fry the other side. Salt with salt and pepper.
Very easy
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04 May 2011


It is good to add 1 cup water in fry the onion until it evaporates - to stifle good and not nibbling.

onion softens well in fat and lots of it quickly begins to gubi- it takes us two servings or use to garnish. Adding water to evaporation it will not become a mess of this onion? So I became great and not nibbling, but of course a matter of taste and preference. :) I just very careful not to squash me completely.

I do not put water only cover until you release the juice, and then clean off the lid and doizparzhvam while the fat remains. Frizzle's not a very hot fire. We like to feel the texture of the food. Green onion is something that can be eaten and fresh, so we can not remain raw :) paprika fried with onions before putting the eggs. But for several years did not put it.

Green onions with eggs is a classic, I forgot to put the score :)

proportions are different this time, but still the same delicious dish!