Gummy Easter eggs

Submitted by enr on 21 Mar 2010
500 ml milk
2 eggs
5 tbsp flour
5 tbsp sugar
20 g gelatin
2 vanilla
1 packet of creamer + Products for stirring it
200 g white chocolate spread (optional)
paint colors confectionery
egg shells (10)
Gummy Easter eggs
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Separate yolks from egg whites. Egg whites are broken down into the snow. The cream also crashed. Fresh milk was allowed to boil, after which while stirring was added yolk, sugar and water with a little fuzzy flour. Optional can be added and white chocolate spread. Gelatin soaked in water is dissolved in a water bath and added to the finished cream. When the cream has cooled, add vanilla and mix thoroughly with the cream and beaten egg whites. Cream is distributed in several small bowls and paint colors. The shells of eggs are washed well and carefully filled with colored cream. Leave in the refrigerator for several hours until firm well. When ready and gel is immersed for a few seconds in hot water and carefully peel. * Instead of this cream can be used cream-starch, which can be painted in different colors.
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21 Mar 2010


Very original! Bravo for the recipe!

VERY interesting! These eggs can be used to decorate Easter cake.

Very beautiful and original!

very original idea! Viewed in this way can be in any form for any occasion ... Bravo!

Bravo, Galia, really original, beautiful and delicious!

followed the recipe exactly, but it was not very good. Not enough jelly and probably because of the protein and cream, the cream was on shuplichki. Perhaps with the starch will be better.