Hot Chocolate

Submitted by enr on 22 Oct 2010
250 ml milk
150 ml cream
75 g of dark chocolate
1 vanilla pod
2 tsp sugar
whipped cream, grated chocolate, cocoa powder
Hot Chocolate
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Milk, cream, sugar and vanilla pod and the chopped chocolate Put in saucepan and heat slowly while stirring until chocolate is melted completely. The consistency should be like cream. Spill in glasses and optional served with whipped cream, cocoa and decorated with grated chocolate. * Chocolate can be filled - fruit, caramel, nougat. Then put about 100 years * In the milk can put a few sprigs of mint, which are taken out before bottling. The aroma is wonderful. * Can be used, and white chocolate, then sugar may be waived. * vanilla pod can be cut and put just scraped inside, then the flavor is very intense, it is as hot chocolate with vanilla. In the absence of real vanilla can put vanilla sugar on top of the knife. * In nathe pita can put alcohol optional - koantro, liqueur, a few drops of brandy or whiskey.
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22 Oct 2010


Ambrosia! I do not know, but I think that the gods of Olympus were drinking just that ... aromatic hot chocolate. Bravo, Raleigh!

It is excellent! Became dense with saturated chocolate flavor and very aromatic!

Yes, Reni, it is true! Calorie bomb, but a person can afford it from time to time :) I about a month ago I made with white chocolate and a little espresso, has also become a great :)