Submitted by enr on 21 Nov 2007
figs 50 figs
1 kg of sugar
3 cups water
1 tsp citric acid
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Figs are cleaned from the stems and soaked in syrup of sugar and boiled water. Cook over low heat until the syrup obtain the desired density. Remove from heat and let stand overnight in court. The next day, once again put on the fire to be thickened more syrup. Citric acid was added and after 5 minutes the mixture was removed from heat. After standing for 5-6 hours to be soaked fruit, it is filled jars are sterilized for 5 minutes.
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21 Nov 2007


I love fig jam. Will test your recipe this year. Thank you! The picture is superb!

Are Figs ripe or green

kami, on previous do it this year, you can put in figs nut nut. It is very tasty.

Majestic sweet. At home adored him.

They look great! Mmmm what I would not give for at least one smokinka :) And this stay that soaking is good advice. I still rushing to close and indeed it would be better to stay, thanks for the advice!

I would be very grateful if you tell me whether they are ripe or green figs ... thanks :) otherwise seems stahotni and I try to do :)

These are ripe figs, green prepared in another way.

thank you very much for the information :) I'm young housewife and ... understand me :)

It was superb sweet.

I love this sweet. Elti, I began to swallow the photos you:-)

I love jam with whole smokini- a small rising at midnight to eat figs and in the morning my mother found only syrup :)

Many successful recipe. I previously dunk in boiling water figs (slightly pre-riddled) - 2-3 times and then as described. Change the water every time. I love this sweet!

Besides stuffed with pecan nut, figs are delicious and stuffed with a piece of boiled orange peel. For flavor you can use geranium.

I love this sweet. 4udesna recipe. Bravo to the author.


I tried the recipe and get a great taste of sweet me back somewhere in childhood! Congratulated the author and everything
top for the first time I jam anything

incredibly fragrant and delicious rose. The only thing I did was to puree figs until ready to become creamy losses form, but so is really nice.