Jam zucchini

Submitted by enr on 10 Jun 2013
1 kg zucchini
1 kg of sugar
1 tsp limontozu
vanilla optional
Jam zucchini
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Wash the courgettes. Grate them in large pieces grater or small cubes and sprinkle them with sugar. Let them stood about an hour. Cook until ready, but without Braising. Must remain slightly hard, transparent color. Check readiness of syrup - put a drop of it on the cold porcelain plate - if ready, drop should not spill. Flavored with vanilla optional. Add citric acid, leave 2-3 minutes and pull the fire. Float sweet dry jars, close immediately and upside down. * zucchini peel - if they have many seeds are scooped with a spoon. Stay at the sugar if you do not pay enough liquid, add 50-60 ml water.
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10 Jun 2013


Zucchini can be prepared and jelly, then peel and clean the seeds, cut on chunks and soaked in boiled solution, filtered through gauze, washed well and then pour the boiling syrup to 1 ... l. water + 1 kg. sugar, after it has been reduced to half.

Years ago I made such a sweet, has a large amount of vegetables and decided to try. I then peeled zucchini and cut into cubes, I do not remember just what it flavored ... It was a wonderful amber color! I was too sugar, however, and later I Candied (only I did not like), otherwise the proposal is awesome! :)

your offer is great! And I've done such a sweet :) I remember that part of caramelized sugar, which used unless it flavored with vanilla and rum. Finally, no one could understand what was cooked sweet (even had doubts about exotic fruits) :) :)

3 kg. zucchini added 200 ml. water and 20 grams. limontuzo :) :) :)

I found one remaining jar of jam (I wonder how we missed it) :) Today I opened it and, of course :) I shot him. It is great!

Rennie, your sweet is with intense amber color with caramelised sugar is it? awesome picture ...

Thank Vesi) Yes, with caramelised sugar, so its color is one :)

but from what zucchini is