Juicy layered cake with chocolate, strawberries and cream

Submitted by enr on 27 Mar 2014
3 chocolate bases of your choice, store-bought
800 g sour cream
300-500 g strawberries (or cherries, raspberries, etc.)
4 fixative cream
powder sugar to taste
vanilla 1
3-4 tbsp Nutella (chocolate spread), warmed in microwave
decoration optional
Juicy layered cake with chocolate, strawberries and cream
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Cream mix with powdered sugar, vanilla and latch. In the hoop is placed first base, smeared with cream, put half strawberries and half pokapva with Nutella. Place a second base, again smear with cream, put the remaining strawberries and Nutella pokapva the rest. Insert the third base and smear top. Allow a little cream plaster removed. Cake left for about an hour in the refrigerator, remove the hoop and are plastered and sides. Decorate optional. It is before consumption to stand for several hours, but because the fruit is not permanent and cakes should not be stored more than 36 hours.
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27 Mar 2014


Rally, looks great! I guess the cake is very tasty (great combination of strawberries, cream and chocolate)! And the recipe is easy (such as love) :) I can not, however, find fixative cream, that will be without him?

Yes, Reni becomes, is a thick cream - no problem! If it is rare, such as yogurt her drained and voila! :)

I like the recipe and the more I like your last decoration Rally. Please share how you are doing and weights. I saw her and fluffy cake recipe and try to think of an event in in-shteto at the end of the month.

In two thick plastic bags, the best ones to freeze, put broken chocolates pipette little oil and closed with a clip. The bags are placed in hot water. When the chocolate is melted lump torbichnata is namachkava good hands (to mix chocolate with oil), cut to the corner of the bag and chocolate was dripped linieobrazno in cake / cake. How and how much chocolate will pokyape depends solely on fantasy. The more oil put in the chocolate, the more easily then cut the cake, but it hardens much more slowly and it is possible to mix the worlds. I put in about 1 in. L. Oil per 100 grams of chocolate cake on time and take out of the fridge and dunk the knife in hot water before each cut. Good luck to you sweet :)