Kashkavalki - II type

Submitted by enr on 03 Jun 2010
250 g cheese
250 g feta cheese
egg 1
1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
flour as necessary
Kashkavalki - II type
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Cheese and the feta cheese is grated and mixed. Add yogurt and a nice mix. Put the egg and the oil and mix. The baking was stirred in half a glass flour and added to the remaining mixture. Then slowly add flour until cured tack free and make a soft dough. Formed into large balls and arrange in an oiled dish from each other. Place a slightly heated oven and bake at 200 C
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03 Jun 2010


They look pretty tasty:-) I'll try them soon.

Thank you, little poprepekoh them, but they are delicious!

And you can not put soda instead of baking powder? And how many units out above hereinbelow than one dose.

to me took 15 units, and for Raising - guess he could.

Is not it better soda be added to yogurt, but not to the flour?

Fanny, and I always put soda in sour myalko, but it gave me the recipe and still obtain.

:) :) I think to do these days and will report :)

made them this morning for breakfast were great! Only Peko them more loudly oven because it started to melt fat in them and little balls porazlaha ... for the next time you will know.

Vesi, I'm glad that you liked!

I just made them again, all very satisfied!

always excellent results. Are gorgeous and crispy.

Very quick and tasty breakfast out. Congratulations, Maggie.

Very tasty and quick to prepare!

I do them I do not know which way to MORE goodies, quickly and easily!

They look delicious! Will give them a try.

I am glad that you like, and I will make them again, thank you :)

Very fast, easy and incredibly delicious. Thank you!