Layered cake Aliana

Submitted by enr on 01 Aug 2009
1 ready dark base of three layers - bought or homemade of your choice, eg recipe Кекс with chocolate
1.2 kg sour cream
1 package cream without boiling Ole Vanilla (400 g milk)
12 apricots, ripe
6 tbsp sugar
50 g chocolate nasargan in large pieces
Layered cake Aliana
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Cream drain from the day before to leave 1 kg. Mix together the sugar, and when it is melted put the cream powder and beat 4-5 minutes at the highest level. Apricots halve. The first and second layer of the base shall be imposed with apricots and 1/3 of the cream. On the third put only cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate. Allow 4-5 hours in the refrigerator.
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01 Aug 2009


Besides good recipe and craftsmanship and should fancy, and love, and they feel just that you forgot to include them in the list of products.

You're very kind, thank you very very, really!

Bravo, Rally! Very nice cakes.

Thanks, Ole, as he came up from the cream many times I worked on it and it is nice. And with swamps of Rennie became super!

Pastry This is just for me :) I love these cakes! Congratulations and thanks for the excellent proposal :)

Instead of cream can be made with drained yogurt. Rally, great offer!

Yes, Ina, it saves calories) will try and so.

Thanks for the recipe! Swapped with sweet apricots and became great!

Kalina, I'm glad that it has received. I Tuesday is my birthday, I think this is one of the cakes with expressed milk as written Ina, so that there is something better. I was wondering how to replace apricots and saw your comment and idea with jam. This will make it safe, nothing to look for other fruits.

imagine how delicious is your birthday! Incidentally I used 500 gr. Strained yogurt and 1 pot of yoghurt and a half. Wonder-wonder!

I made two cakes with cream as this one with cream and the other with strained yogurt. I used strawberries instead of apricots. Incredible cream in both cases, but me personally maaalko more I liked this milk. Strained yoghurt is very thick and added cold milk of an eye. Will get cuts when passing the birthday of my daughter.

Lubbe, I'm glad a lot that you liked the cream! Enjoy your meal, Happy Birthday to your daughter and wait pictures:-)

Here are my cakes with this amazing cream. This duck is a type Vita cake, instead of the other cake I used biscotti. Incredible cream makes each one of them very tasty. Thanks Aliana! my problem was in the decoration, because two hours before they slice off the electricity and everything leak in the refrigerator. But they were very tasty.

Bravo, Ljubco! Very interesting cake with duck! And to biscuits and idea - to take soon.

Very interesting is this cake with duck! Bravo!

Girls apricot already matured, these days will try this cream but I do cake with biscotti. and write the result

I did it on again - with apricots, as in the recipe. For 80th birthday grandma! Incredibly delicious as before!

I have made with strawberries and it was very tasty.

I am happy :) The picture is very tempting :)

End of season Tennis club in our town. My husband is an avid tennis player :) I prepared them in your cake recipe Rally!

Hey, is super course! The idea is great! Good for you, love :)

Thank you, Raleigh. I omitted to say that I put sour sweet, because now there apricots. Abe has his kosurite but worth surprise!

Rally without LNA I've tried that would be great

Thank you, Thomas :)

Rally, I have no words sweet - just perfect children's cake! (Your last photos) :) You did Silke certainly more than happy! The trouble is that BG sour cream is low fat (20%) and very high water content, and breaking her it only liquefies more. Hopefully with the pudding powder is thickened. And if you do not add cream and stabilizer of Oetker? A cake is so light and delicious fruit - applause from me! :)

Oh, what a beauty! Do you feel sorry to eat. :)

Thank you for the compliments girls

Flower to cream powder thickened cream, even if it is watery. No need fixative cream. Hope you get and wait photos :)