Layered cake with biscotti and yoghurt - II type

Submitted by enr on 13 Mar 2013
400 g Lady fingers
800 g of yogurt with a high fat content
100 g of brown sugar (maybe white)
2 vanilla
jam or fruit of your choice
Layered cake with biscotti and yoghurt - II type
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In a bowl, mix milk, sugar and vanilla - mixed well. At the bottom of the pan (I used a baking dish with unbuckle Bottom) pour a small part of the milk mixture, enough to cover it. On the walls of the container is formed from curb biscotti. Must provide the height of the cake and cut / shorten as necessary, otherwise the projection of biscuits will remain dry. Is arranged dense row biscuits and bottom on them, pour 1/3 of the mixture and add some of the sweet. The quantity is optional, I put 2 teaspoons jam purposes strawberries. Thus arranged three rows of biscuits, jam and milk mixture with the latter missed the sweet pastry to stay white. Top decked with the materials at hand and left in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. * Keep in mind that the more you stand, the better, and the next day was superb. * biscotti absorb all the liquid milk and cake becomes very soft, juicy and tasty. * Fast, easy to make and does not require many products.
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13 Mar 2013


Light and very nice dessert!

Yes, very light and refreshing dessert. Admit approached with some confidence to the recipe, but left very pleasantly surprised with the result. Next time I replace the jam with fresh fruits such as kiwi, strawberries or raspberries. I think it will get even better.

Wonderful dessert! :) I have prepared a smaller dose, used cups and not a baking dish, definitely impressed husbands!

Very light, pleasant and delicious dessert. I did it with ready and cake and swapped with vanilla-rum flavor. I used sweet cherries. The result is perfect. Thanks for the easy and successful recipe!

I am very glad that you liked the dessert:) perunika, the idea to prepare in cups is great :)

report and again :) yogurt mixed with 1 h. H. Cream, smashed everything very well with mixer to get tight cream put 1 again. gelatin. Decoration materials at hand: fruit and juice of one compote with the addition of gelatin. Great dessert, gold for the second time thanks :)

Last time in cups now in a baking dish :) Looks great perunika and this chervenichak jelly layer ... great. Your idea I liked :)