Layered cake BMW

Submitted by enr on 04 Mar 2009
# For eclairste:
200 ml water
100 ml sunflower oil
flour 150 g
4 egg whites and 1
1 vanilla
# For the cream:
750 ml milk
sugar 150 g
100 g flour
50 g butter
2 vanilla
1 yolk
400 g marzipan (ready) +100 g of powdered sugar
confectionery paint blue and black, 5-10 ml. rum
pastry cream 300ml
Layered cake BMW
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And eclairste and cream make double doses the dough for eclairste done twice. This means that the products needed for the recipe are more than twice those given in the list of required products. The water with the oil boil. Add flour and mix until homogeneous. When the dough starts to lift off the bowl, remove from the heat. Allow to cool a few minutes and gradually add eggs and stir again until a homogeneous mixture. This mixture is injected into pre-greased and sprinkled with flour pan. Bake for about 20 minutes at a high temperature until browned. Oven opens at the end of cooking to not fall eclairste. Cream is prepared by the yolk, sugar and flour, broken in cold milk is heated to boiling and thickening while stirring. After cooling the cream add the butter and vanilla. Ready eclairs filled with cream. Mix cream. In tray lining up a row eclairs, smear with cream and again lining eclairs, while finished products. Shaped car. The entire cake is brushed with cream. Martsipanat kneaded with powdered sugar, put it paint and rolled to the size of the cake. Applied on eclairste, formed well and decorate. The windows of the car are made with colored black marzipan. Cake passes with a brush dipped in water and rum 1: 1 to shine.
Very difficult
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04 Mar 2009


Great car! MAGI BRAVO!