Layered cake with two light cream

Submitted by enr on 23 Oct 2011
ready bases (sponge)
# For syrup:
100 g jam
100 g of cold water
# Cream adhesion:
125 g cream cheese
60 g butter
100 g sour cream
200 g strained yogurt
jam to taste
# Cream cover:
200 ml cream
200 g of dark chocolate
essence rum
Layered cake with two light cream
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Products for the first crash cream until smooth and a uniform mass. Jam is added to the desired sweetness. This cream stick slightly syrupy bases. Blind cake arrives in the refrigerator for several hours. Meanwhile, prepare the cream to cover: Cream is heated without boiling, add to it chocolate blocks. Stir until homogeneous. Allow to cool and collect it in the refrigerator to cool completely. So cold mix with a mixer and it is smeared cake twice. Taking cover the cake first time arrives in the refrigerator for about an hour, then cover the second time, the second cover gives a finished look. Can be sprayed or smooth well and cover with fondant.
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23 Oct 2011


Nelly, is perfect! No dents, no cracks, just perfect! We are getting better, hat you knock!

Oh-oh, Rally thanks!

is very beautiful, I would not dare spoil if it was on my table - I'd dyrzha her as a souvenir

Magnificent cake. Nelly Bravo!

Rally, Diana, Ivalina, thank you very much for highest marks :)

neli1100, giving us another neustoumo delicious and beautiful recipe.

Elti, thanks!

Beautifully constructed and irresistible cake! Another beautiful cake!

Beauty! Applause, Nelly!

steffanell thanks, I do not know why until now respond to your sweet comments!

sladki64e, I felt the emotion in your comments, thanks!

And my idea for a birthday cake is similar :). But until then I have another two months.

I think the idea is appropriate

:) I mean wedding anniversary. The idea with Swans I love and long spin in my head, only time to come :). I love decorating cakes and just looking for an excuse :)

has the creativity and hard work. sladkaratvoto need in your skills and accurate arm, and you have them in abundance. greeted and impressed me!

kiftaka, thanks! I try myself I am pleased with your work :)

cake for the birthday of my beloved husband Nicky! I did it with a lot of desire ilyubov! Nelly, thanks to the successful recipe!