Makaronada (pasta pizza)

Submitted by enr on 05 Jul 2013
800 g macaroni
3-4 skinless sausages or other sausage
200 g cheese
30-400 g sliced ​​marinated mushrooms
3 tsp sweet mustard
200 g feta cheese
10 roasted peppers
oregano, salt
Makaronada (pasta pizza)
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Boil the pasta to a state slightly hard. Drain the water and wash it off with cold water. Fry sausage and mushrooms and add them to pasta with fat, which are fried. Pour the mixture into the pan. Add crumbled feta cheese, roasted peppers (cut into strips), mustard (my family does not eat mustard or so I think, because I must put - this is the secret of good taste of this dish). Mix and last add ketchup, salt and oregano. Stir again sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake in preheated oven at 200-250 degrees to melt the cheese and redness. * In the stuffing can put anything you like to have in a pizza or going through your mind that you can put: corn, olives, peas, pickles, etc. * stuffing with sausage unless you can make it from fried minced meat or seafood, shellfish, shrimp, fried or boiled squid, octopus or a bit of everything .
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05 Jul 2013


Very tasty recipe! The combination of products is super successful! Prepared it, and liked very much! Thank you!