Mantle cream

Submitted by enr on 31 May 2009
100 g pasta type snail
80 g butter
150-200 g of sour cream
dry mint
4-5 cloves garlic
Mantle cream
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Pasta is cooked well without boiled . Drain them well, pour cold water and leave to drain again. Must be well drained. Mix with cream, crushed garlic and sprinkle with mint. The butter fry, add the red pepper and pour it macaroni.
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31 May 2009
Hilda Kazasyan


Ahhh, Mantle quite tiny clenched pasta and a filling, they themselves say Mantle ... I'll put a picture. Now I'm confused, honestly, because I ate Mantle many times and only now seeing is a normal pasta.

Rally, this Mantle is not original. This is some improvisation Hilda Kazasyan, which it did in the transmission of gala COFFEE. But I liked and I think it's delicious.

You, Vesi, is improvisation, but I felt strange ... Like to write Spaghetti and Macaroni be with ... Drive gc;-) Mantle has with toppings such as families there, and still yogurt regularly. If you fall - buy them and try them out, or you'll love scary, or never again to Kusa - with Mantle is often so. At home I'm the one who eats them - my people they refuse to see them ...

Ralitsa is right, as families, as toppings. Home our sauce with yogurt with garlic and butter with red necessarily pipir.