Meatballs walnuts

Submitted by enr on 26 Dec 2013
2 cups ground walnuts
1 cup breadcrumbs
3 eggs
1 onion
salt and spices to taste (for normal meatballs)
Meatballs walnuts
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Knead all products nice tight mixture. Leave for 10 minutes to absorb the flavors of the mixture. With wet hands, shape into balls and fry in heated oil. Do not take sunflower oil, so it is not necessary very fat. Fry to a nice golden brown. Serve with yogurt sauce of yogurt, garlic, dill and salt.
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26 Dec 2013


From the dose 10 meatballs you go? You should try it, because I'm interested in how they taste. I guess quite sate. If you do not fry and bake them in the oven that will be, or not to risk?

From the dose out 10-12 pieces really sate, do not risk bake them because fried become quite dry. Are delicious. Once the eve of democracy, when there were coupons for certain products including minced 1 kg of 4-member family for one week with these children looked meatballs, then came up and poorest schnitzel and many other culinary tricks

Very interesting recipe. I love nuts and certainly will try. Now, however, should have delicacy because nuts are 3 times more expensive than the minced meat :)

Yes, it is expensive for those who have to buy them. For me this is not a problem because we have walnut and do not have to buy them, but that does not mean that we eat more meatballs walnut her only at the thought that should break walnuts, chi to cleanse chi to grind and I otyazhda, hihihihi-else is meatballs from minced meat, and these faithful pass a delicacy.

Very nice recipe, thanks! Meatballs were great.

Amazing meatballs were received. Very tasty :)