Moussaka, but not with minced meat and crispy crust

Submitted by enr on 08 Sep 2010
500 g pork
500 g potatoes
1 carrot
1 bunch spring onions
50 g dried tomatoes
3 eggs
50 g cheese
1 clove garlic, olive oil
salt, pepper, savory
50 g canned tomatoes
50 g of white wine
Moussaka, but not with minced meat and crispy crust
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Cut the meat, onions, garlic, carrots, dried tomatoes and potatoes in small pieces. In a pan put the onion and garlic. Top arrange the meat and Salt. Arrange on it dry and canned tomatoes, carrots and potatoes on top. Salt and them, pour the olive oil, a pinch of herbs and wine and a glass of water. Bake in the oven for about an hour just before removing the dish, beat eggs with salt, pepper and savory. Pour over the moussaka and bake for another 5 minutes. Cut cheese into cubes and put it at the last minute to seal so as to obtain crust.
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08 Sep 2010


Today I bought dried tomatoes and it occurred to me to put them in moussaka admit eat to last parchentse hot hot ...

so I always bake moussaka - with cheese and egg, because The traditional topping of child hate her and had always peeled. But I grated cheese, mix it with the eggs and then distribute. The more - the better:-) We are more delicious than the other. The recipe sounds very good, especially with dried tomatoes! And you tried with olives? I put black Kalamata olives, very, about 2 handfuls, and brandish their stones instead savory rosemary 2-3 branches. Becomes too great, of course if you love olives;-)

Very tasty proposal thank surely try.

Hello, thanks for the comments we really do not like moussaka (I mean my family), but in this kind devastated snacks. Aliana thanks for the idea if there rosemary will surely eat and olive'm not sure if I will find exactly these, but this is not a problem I would put whatever I find.

is a bit laborious, but in contrast, very tasty!

Very good recipe. Thank you!

Very good ordained in January last night became very tasty

which was performed that day and it was very tasty ... all you eat with gusto ...