Vegetable soup with garlic croutons

Submitted by enr on 10 Oct 2010
# For the soup:
1 carrot
350 g zucchini
350 g cooked and mashed potatoes (or mashed potatoes ready)
1 cup milk
100 g processed cheese
50 g butter
salt (or spice soup)
1-2 cloves of crushed garlic (or garlic powder)
# For the croutons:
2-3 slices of bread
3-4 tbsp olive oil
salt, garlic powder
Vegetable soup with garlic croutons
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Carrots and zucchini grate and cook in salted water, add the butter. Pass a soup, add processed cheese and milk and garlic. Once completely thawed the feta cheese, add the potatoes (or mashed potatoes). Olive oil, salt and garlic powder and mix with them Spread the slices of bread, cut into cubes and bake until ready. The soup is served sprinkled with croutons and seasoned in dill.
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10 Oct 2010


in how much water is boiled soup? Do not make her a rare afraid that then pureed and could not make it to the cream soup:-) Otherwise, I really like the recipe and I think it a try soon!

fair to say, put the water eye. around 3 cups maybe.

soup became great - soft and fragrant! Thanks for the recipe:-)

Thanks for the recipe, and very gently warm soup, skip the cheese, milk and butter, for fast, added carrot, no blender, so is not as finely ground, but it is very tasty :)

Great soup, I did it faithfully in giving way tasty and useful :)

Supichkata is very tasty! Do not put melted cheese and grated Parmesan at the end of preparation.