Pangasius in foil grill-pan

Submitted by enr on 19 Mar 2011
2 pangasius fillets
1 cup sunflower oil
lemon 1
2 tomatoes
black pepper, salt
Cut the fillets into 2 or 4 pieces depending on their size. Season with salt and pepper, coated on both sides with sunflower oil. Put each piece separately in foil, put the top circle tomato and lemon circle. Turn fthe oil and put to bake in preheated pan. On each side is baked about ten minutes. It's nice having baked fillets of lemon to remove any fillet as stand imparts a bitter taste.
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19 Mar 2011


Do mackerel and so becomes incredibly tasty grill and I'm doing it again.

If you remove the lemon peel before a filleting bitter taste will be.

Damianov, thanks for the advice, tomorrow I'm going to do with it and try the other way is to use only the juice, but also visually beautiful with lemon, when you open the foil;)

And you can without tomatoes? And okay so do hake?

Maybe I'm rules tomatoes are optional.