Pasta ribbons with four kinds of cheese

Submitted by enr on 31 May 2014
100 g parmesan cheese
125 g feta cheese Fontina or other
60 g feta cheese Roquefort or Gorgonzola
60 g feta cheese or mascarpone whipped cream
500 g farfalle pasta ribbons
125 ml cooking cream
1-2 tbsp butter
pepper, salt
Grater Grate the feta cheese * * Fontina and storing it for now. Put the pasta in a saucepan to boil with a little salt. Once ready al dente * * January drain through a colander. Pour it in a big buy order can then be mixed well with the sauce. With a fork crush * * Gorgonzola and also leave it for later. Put the butter in a pan and cooking cream over low heat to melt. Mix the cream, gradually add 1 tablespoon of the four cheese in the pan. Stir with a spoon in the form of eight as in the preparation of fondue. So the siren will not stick to the ball and the bottom, and will melt evenly. Do not put the next spoon until the feta cheese from the previous not melt. Add all the grated cheese, only keep 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese for sprinkling at a later stage. When everything is melted, if you try and add salt and pepper. Shake the pan as the sauce is ready, pull the fire. Pour creamy sauce in a bowl of pasta, as well distribute it to absorb even pasta. With wooden fork and spoon mix well. Spread the paste into a deep greased baking dish. Sprinkle the dish with the top two left tablespoons Parmesan. Put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes in a moderate oven until the top is browned layer. Finally leave the pan to rest for 5 minutes before serving. Can it Sprinkle with fresh green spice of your choice or leave it just like that. * In this nice recipe using several types of cheese, it can replace these with your favorite, and also because it can not find them on the market. The feta cheese combines perfectly with pasta. * Fontina soft feta cheese with good taste and a pale yellow color. Gorgonzola is a tart, spicy and distinctive blue streak. Mascarpone guess is already known in our latitudes with mild taste and texture because very often used to make desserts such as tiramisu, cakes, chiyzkeykove. * Another version of the same products - pasta bukatini with 300 g of Roquefort, fried with chopped celery, cooking cream and fresh Ricotta also you may like it.
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31 May 2014