Pork knuckle with sauerkraut stew in

Submitted by enr on 04 Dec 2010
1 pork knuckle with skin
1 sour cabbage
1/3 cup Rice
100 g bacon
1 carrot
4 tsp paprika
1 tsp pepper
100 g pork lard
1 cup cabbage juice
Pork knuckle with sauerkraut stew in
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From cabbage separate 4 large leaves, the rest is cut into small pieces for cooking. Put it in a pot and kneads with rice, 80 g of bacon cut into thin strips, 3 tsp paprika. Jolie shpikova, making holes with a sharp knife and place in them the rest of the bacon strips and carrot. Sprinkle all sides with pepper and remaining paprika. Shpikovaniya knuckle wrap with cabbage leaves. Put it in a pot on chopped cabbage. Put the lard on top and pour 1 cup cabbage soup and 2/3 cup water. Close casseroles with lid and bake again at 200 C (until it begins to bake), then a maximum of 150 C for 4-5 hours.
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04 Dec 2010


Wow Make your dream, I'll try to telishki lack of pork is not the same!

I believe that a calf will be nice, but I've always done it with pork (I do not know why). Today I did it (for the first time this winter) and eager to write the recipe. Became great. Jump broke from the bone. I put and photos, but not yet approved them obvious.

Yesterday it cooked, it was great! Until now, I had not thought of it to put breast or smoked bacon, but the taste varies considerably. In a nutshell - SUPER DELICIOUS! I can not curve soul will admit. I put two and smoked shank doubled, but only because his love is more mestse and bay leaf 2 pcs.

If you want to do with oil above how should I put down?

Well, last time I did it with oil, put on eye-meadows shank. I guess that is about 50-80 grams.

Very tasty get cabbage, but could not find shank and cooked with raw bacon and smoked bacon and accordingly no carrot. Will get a photo. :)