Potato patties with onions and feta cheese - II type

Submitted by enr on 28 Jul 2014
1 kg potatoes
200 g feta cheese
1 onion
2 eggs
flour batter
Potato patties with onions and feta cheese - II type
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Boil the potatoes. Once cool mash them and blend to mix with the chopped onion, grated feta cheese and 1 egg. Add black pepper and savory. Form meatballs. Then roll them in beaten egg, then in flour. Fry in preheated fat.
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28 Jul 2014


These are the tastiest and easiest potato meatballs! I made them for about 30 minutes worth cook them!

And so I do them. Are very tasty. add a little paprika.

Yes, of course you can also add more spices to taste. The more types of spices are in a dish has, the more delicious it is. :)

I have such a question can you be prepared in the oven?

I personally have not tried, but maybe you get! Once you try to share with us what you :)

Maybe oven. Then mix everything and put a little more flour to make a thick mixture and them roll meatballs. Bake on baking paper or greased baking pan to not stick.

For the first time I've potato meatballs. The recipe is very good and the meatballs are very easy.

ceckavd Yes, it's a good idea, I will try and thus in soonusagizukino1238 Indeed this is a very easy recipe and it of course very tasty. And also a very short time, while and become guest of course if you add mestse :)

If you want a recipe to give you write me a personal message and I will get to the site. I will try to answer all :) I wish you a nice day :)