Quick blini without yeast

Submitted by enr on 04 Jan 2014
2 eggs
250 ml milk
pinch of salt
1 cup flour
sunflower oil for greasing the pan
Quick blini without yeast
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Beat the egg whites to snow. * Stir the egg yolks with the milk, add the flour and salt and make a smooth thick paste. You should get a thick batter of pancake and a little less than cakes. If necessary add a little more flour or milk. With careful stirring, add the whites. Heat a Teflon pan, greased it with a little sunflower oil and ladle poured down from the mixture. Spread it evenly with the bottom of the ladle. After the surface dries and forms small kratercheta contact blini her doizpechete the other side. I did dose and half and I went 11 blini with a diameter of about 17 cm.
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04 Jan 2014


eeee bravo, Rennie, great idea! A picture is so sunny! :)

Thanks, Pepi! For the first time I blini and are very happy with the result :) They became fluffy and (hopefully not laugh at me), we were fascinated by kraterchetata that result :) :)

Reni, very appetizing them given it! :)

Thank you, Ina! :)

Wonderful picture! And the recipe looks interesting :)

Thank Rally! :) Blintzes were very nice :)

Rennie, great presentation of the recipe!

Thanks for the compliment, Villas :)

Many delicious blintzes were received! Done quickly and no time photo:) Thanks for the recipe, Reni!

Dobrinka, very glad that you liked the blini! And home end quickly, we have to do a double dose :)