Rich kapama in cabbage leaves

Submitted by enr on 22 Jan 2010
several large leaves of sour cabbage
250 g pork
250 g veal
4 chicken legs
250 g minced meat
200-250 g blood sausage (sausage, skinless sausage)
smoked breast, salo, bacon, giblets, liver, processed cheese, mushrooms - optional
1 onion
2-3 cloves garlic
4 tbsp rice
ground black pepper, paprika, cumin, savory
1 bay leaf, 2 grains allspice, inflorescence dry dill
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil (fat)
1/2 cup wine
cabbage juice
Rich kapama in cabbage leaves
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Cut the meat into chunks. Season with a little salt, pepper and paprika, cumin, crushed garlic and savory. Leave in the refrigerator at least half an hour in a covered container. Minced meat blurs with 1-2 tbsp water (to not become then lumps) and mixed with chopped onion and rice. Connect the two mixtures, add the bay leaf, allspice, anise, half of wine and everything nice mix to evenly distribute ingredients. At the bottom of a greased deep dish (stew, pot of Jena glass, or other suitable container) put sheet sour cabbage. On the walls of the court rank remaining leaves, slightly overlapping the ends and remain sticking out to can then be used to turn the dish. Fill with the mixture of meat and minced meat. Top rank circles of the blood sausage (chorizo). Wind up with cabbage leaves to become as big dolma. Mix cabbage juice and water (try to taste), add the remaining quantity of wine and pour in court almost cover the dish. Above is smeared with grease. Cover with a lid and put in a cold oven. After boil, bake at 200 C. Serve turns on plate (plateau) and cut like a cake. The dish can be prepared in small pots for individual serving.
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22 Jan 2010


This is a great idea. I think I do every single portion.

In general I like kapama. Last year I made in the pressure cooker, it was quick and tasty. Unfortunately one of my grandson does not like cabbage. This provoked me to look somehow less sprouts cooked version of the dish. Thus appeared and this recipe. Was *approved* by him, and of course, be removed and the few cabbage leaves! And only managed to photograph the little piece left half-eaten!

Ina, give great idea! Goes to Favorites :)

Bravo, Ina. Very nice proposal for Kapama.

Thank you, girls! I am glad that you like and may be in your taste. The preparation does not take much time. I'd like minced meat with rice to make stuffed cabbage, cabbage but because I quit. But next time I'll do it, and without the cabbage will be discarded grandson!

This recipe I rather liked going to try and comment on.

Hello, my recipe looks delicious, but I have the following problem: where will live sauerkraut. Does anyone have any idea if I can do with leaves of fresh cabbage, for example, boiled in salted water to soften? I've heard that the Poles prepare cabbage leaves stuffed with that, but I have no idea how it's done.

extremely tasty and is spectacular! Especially when cut into triangular pieces like a cake. Recommend legs to debone because bones can spoil the aesthetics of the pieces in cutting. Of chicken giblets put only gizzards and hearts - except livers that disintegrate are not in good harmony with everything else. Options with fresh cabbage is not very felicitous - always remains a haunting sweet taste

Wine what should it be? Could it be red? And, the amount of products how portions roughly was obtained?

nancy, I use red wine. For portions - 4-6 servings. Depends on the people who will consume the dish.

GOFI two years regularly do make this recipe and for myself I found that the best and most spectacular place in a saucepan of Jena glass. Fluid flooding viagi pour a little below the middle of the court. It is very important as a boil to reduce the temperature of the oven to the extent that only a simmer and allowed to *trying* about 3 hours. I'm not a fan of melted cheese in this recipe and no longer use it. The idea of ​​making in individual pots also do not like. In total vessel products and fragrances are homogenized better. And much more spectacular is when inverted pan and cut like a cake. Of course, you should always use good red wine - the same, on which you cook with the same wine should toast when you eat in this amazing vkusutiyka!

Last night it was our recipe. All liked the kapama :)

heels, I'm glad you've tried the recipe and you've eaten with pleasure! :)

This is my favorite recipe. By filling dab to improvise ... and just super. Yesterday I made it again. Instead roll stuffed vine leaves stuffed vine leaves put on everything in a pot and ... voila. Became super tasty. Meat chicken and pork / it finely chopped, a little chopped cabbage also, rice and bulgur, spices ... Thanks for the recipe. This is *my* recipe.

Ivka is, I'm glad that you were satisfied! The idea is how to form the dish, and the filling is full of impromptu cooking. :) Great so you do! :)