Roasted pumpkin with honey and walnuts

Submitted by enr on 09 Feb 2010
1 kg peeled pumpkin
5 tbsp honey
1/3 cup ground walnuts
1 cup milk
Roasted pumpkin with honey and walnuts
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Pumpkin cut into pieces with a size as a matchbox. Place in a pan, pour 1 cup water and milk. Bake in a hot oven until topping halfway. Remove from oven and spoon evenly over all adds honey pumpkin pieces and sprinkle with the walnuts. Returns in the oven and bake until constipation the walnuts.
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09 Feb 2010


which was performed with water only (without the addition of milk). Easy and delicious recipe.

Elti, thanks for the photo! I love pumpkin and I'm glad that the season and come-I hope to get one of the pumpkin.

Now just so prepare pumpkin home. Very tasty it

recipe is good and I will use it. Unfortunately my pumpkin had a very special flavor and did not want to put too much copper (I think that would have helped). I have another problem, which is my oven and I do not know how to solve - the liquid never evaporates and everything cook with liquid to swim in it. And so it came with pumpkin.

Gerry, how does it evaporates? Should the high temperature to evaporate, how else?

Nevi, how high is *high temperature*? Knowing that under moderate temperature 170-180 degrees course, high usually put them on 220.

For the evaporation of water at any temperature in the oven is high, what I mean :) It should slowly to evaporate the water. If you are baked normal things, however, can put less water than the set or during baking to pull and get out of the liquid ... I guess you have no option to let the hot air / blowing.

Nevi, thanks for the advice! I have a fan / vent (convection) and this time I tried, but all the way to the end. I guess it helped, but the pumpkin was ready long before poizpari water.

Please, I hope I was helpful :)

Hello, xevi, hello, gkostova04! I reviewed the recipe, you may need to insert ,, baked to 220-250 degrees ,,gkostova04, lest you pumpkin is very small, 1 kg. peeled pumpkin, Cotto is cut and put in the baking pan should 1chasha liquid so much. And put a little pumpkin, and would still have to evaporate during baking.
I hope you have a really good meal with Health :)

neli1100, thanks for your cooperation! Pumpkin was even more than 1 kg and therefore calculated the proportion and other products. The problem comes in part from the pumpkin, partly by way of baking. With baking will handle only hope sledvyashtiyat about to happen and pumpkin.

Very well, but why is complexity 3 of 5? This is a simple recipe! A s of water it seems to me much. The other day I made baked pumpkin over 2 kg and put to 300-400m water (and here, even here a little more described because 1h. H is equal to 200 ml liquid and the amount is 1 kg pumpkin ??)and even pumpkin is boiled and the water rather than evaporate rose even more. I had it scooped. Much depends itself pumpkin too! I always buy type Violin, yet more sweet is both more useful!