Roll with dates

Submitted by enr on 05 Aug 2009
4 eggs
10 tbsp sugar
10 tbsp flour
1 vanilla
about 50-100 g jam dates
syrup of your choice or powdered sugar optional
Roll with dates
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With mixer whisk the eggs and sugar. Then he added the flour and vanilla. Mix to give a rare dough. The mixture is poured into a tray at the bottom of which is placed baking paper, and bake in the oven (220 C). Bake about 10 minutes, to pink, not more (must not become brittle). Prick with a toothpick wooden toothpick and if left dry - ready is the base. Pulls from the tray and quickly dabbed with the sweet. The resultant base is wound until the dough is still hot. Should not be many baked and hot rolled. Rolled the left to set. Optional top can pour coffee, syrup, water, sugar and butter (such as baklava), and can only be sprinkled with powdered sugar.
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05 Aug 2009


Very simple recipe! Bravo!

ohaa ... Male, male, delicious meals. Bravos

It is very nice, only where there is no where to take jam dates.

Well, in the worst case of sweet dates can be replaced by other available (in this case, the roll will be with dates) :)

Can Strain dates, with little water, enough to become dense kashitsa.

I did a few minutes ago .. I liked the recipe and even already eaten half :) Just that I had such a sweet stock and did jam berries and sliced ​​strawberries. Thanks for the nice recipe.

bravo, I'm glad that you liked it! :)