Roll with jam - II type

Submitted by enr on 09 Sep 2013
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
2 powders vanilla
1-2 tbsp cocoa
jam of your choice
sunflower oil spreads
Roll with jam - II type
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Beat the eggs and sugar, then add the flour, vanilla, and if you do roll brown and add the chocolate. Grease a baking pan (20x30 cm) with sunflower oil, put baking paper and pour the mixture. Bake in preheated oven for about 10 minutes. Remove from pan and roll. Unscrew as cool a roll and brush with jam. Turn and brush again with jamgore.
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09 Sep 2013


Bobby, what is the size of the baking pan on a roll? I do not get a lot of these rolls, and I want to do! :)

Tiny :) Crisp became my tiny and it's a little quantity :)

hello, I use the pan on the stove, black, shallow, large baking pan, as there is to any large cooker. Roll up roll from the wide part to / as the baking pan is slightly rectangular /. Well sometimes I do not give, yet eaten. Alternatively, if you break marshes to cut it into squares and di taped jam two by two or three as you want and you can decorate the top. Becomes as small cakes, and can even be syrupy.