Roll of mince and sausages

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2010
150 g dry salami
150 g sausage Kamchia
100 g smoked pork loin
150 g grated cheese optional
150 g of cheese slices optional
5-6 leaf green onions
1 cube beef broth
500 g minced meat
# For topping:
2 egg
100 g grated cheese
100 g grated feta cheese
# or
150 g grated cheese
Roll of mince and sausages
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In a deep bowl Knead nice minced meat with finely chopped sirloin, dry salami , sausage Sands, listatata of onions and grated cheese. Veal broth before adding dissolved in 20 ml warm water and after cooling is mixed with minced meat and the mixture is seasoned with savory. Kneaded very well and leave in the refrigerator for some time to flavor the better (and if you hurry you can immediately proceed with the shaping and cooking). In a dry and straight form for baking spread half of the mixture and cover with slices of cheese, top spread the other half of the minced meat and pressed on the walls to unite with the lower layer mince. May not put cheese and spreads directly to all mince. Bake in the oven. TOPPING there are two options: - five minutes before withdrawing sprinkle with grated cheese and return to the oven leak and lightly browned. - ten minutes before withdrawing pour the topping made from eggs, the feta cheese and cheese, and again returned to the oven and it can be sealed Cut into slices and served with a garnish of us preferred. * The sausage can be replaced, according to what we found in the refrigerator.
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07 Mar 2010


This time I made with boiled egg instead of cheese.