Salad Watermelon

Submitted by enr on 15 Mar 2013
100 g cooked boneless white chicken meat
100 g hard cheese
10 olives
1 cucumber
2 tomatoes
drained yogurt optional
Salad Watermelon
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Chicken meat cut into in small pieces. Grate the cheese finely grater. A small part of it, which will be used to decorate the salad, and the remainder is added to chicken meat. Boning olives and discharged several quarters olives for decoration. Others are finely chopped and added to the chicken and grated cheese. Stir and add the mayonnaise or mayonnaise part and part drained yogurt and half-moon shape. Wash the tomatoes and cucumber and remove the inner part of the seed. Tomatoes cut into small cubes and cucumber (possibly unskinned or thinly peeled) nasargvame in large pieces grater. Carefully decorate the salad with vegetables, cheese and olives quarters, so to get a slice of watermelon. * The basis for the salad can use products to your liking. Anyone can hide under Dinesh decoration, whatever he wants.
Very easy
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15 Mar 2013


Great idea for serving salad!

Very original! The combination of the products I like. Chicken with cheese and mayonnaise combined with tomatoes and cucumbers - will get quite fresh.

Girls, thank you for the kind words! Vegetables really make a fresh salad. I put a little mayonnaise, added yoghurt and although tomatoes and cucumber, it was a bit greasy for my taste. I think next time to try a vegetarian basis :)

Original idea! Cucumbers / especially in this season / do not let a lot of juice!

After nasargah cucumber planer, left on a plate to poiztsedi yet again put on some some water, until I make pictures. Well that lettuce is not stalled and no one but me noticed :)

framed the salad on the idea. It was very original. A basis prepared puree with roasted peppers and am not adorned with cheese. I think that with chicken and mayonnaise would be delicious, but in the summer hardly eat more fatty and heavy salads in winter. A cucumber I do not drained, but rather let the juice. Therefore hands would be better to squeeze Letnichka to not dilute the salad.

Sveta, bravo! Is great! :)

Wonderful pictures! Well done, girls!

Thank you, Bobby! :) A bit later include, but I missed the comments. :)