Salted pancake layered cake appetizer

Submitted by enr on 10 Dec 2014
6 eggs
150 g cheese
150 g feta cheese
200 g ham
200 g cucumber
2-3 carrots - lightly cooked
400 g mayonnaise
2 roasted red peppers
350 ml milk
2 tbsp sunflower oil
250 g flour
65 g butter
For the pancakes: 4 eggs are broken, add the milk and gradually pour the flour. In a pan lightly greased with butter pour in a small ladle and make pancakes. Immediately brushed with butter. To order the cake: The cheese, the feta cheese, ham, cucumber, carrots ground separately in separate containers, and can be grated with a grater. In a large platter put first pancake smeared with mayonnaise and dusted over the top with a grated grated Products (selected), and then the next pancake is placed on top and repeat the same action as it ranks on other product and thus while piecing end products. Top last pancake sprinkled with grated 2 boiled eggs. Decorate top with roasted peppers or pickles bands with different figures.
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10 Dec 2014