Savory pudding for breakfast

Submitted by enr on 04 Sep 2012
10 slices of dry bread for toast
500 ml milk
10 thin slices ham
250 g solid feta cheese - cheddar type or Emmental
1/2 tsp mustard with spices
2 eggs L type or 4 eggs type M
soft butter
In a large bowl, beat eggs well, milk and mustard. Leave aside. Grease one side of bread slices with a thin layer of butter. Cut the feta cheese into thin slices. Put 1 slice of ham on 5 slices. Divide feta cheese slices on top and cover with the remaining 5 slices of ham. Dot with the remaining 5 slices of bread. Cut sandwiches diagonally into triangles. Arrange them in a fireproof pan with a diameter of 23 cm. Pour in egg-milk mixture. Put to bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 180C. Serve pudding warm meal with a salad of tomatoes.
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04 Sep 2012
magazine. Salt pepper number 85 in October 2006.


Now, how many eggs? Gone in products.

Fully legal notice :). Glad you noticed. Last night while I was wondering how to write and let them out, forgot about them. Honestly in the recipe are 2 pieces, but I put the number 5 because I had to *Implement* somewhere before they spoil. And very nice to camp. Write in the middle - 4 eggs type M. I really *Salt* became pudding.