Shortcake with rice and apples

Submitted by enr on 07 Jul 2014
200 g rice
750 ml milk
50 g butter
3-4 eggs
3 apples
8 tbsp caster sugar
2 tbsp cognac
200 g jam of your choice
1 vanilla
pinch of salt
Rice is boiled for 5 minutes and drain. Milk is put to boil with the vanilla and salt. Pour the rice into boiling milk and let simmer for about 30 minutes. Finally boiling put 6 tbsp powdered sugar. Apples are cut into pieces and fry in 30 g butter for 10 minutes, then sprinkle with brandy. Remove from heat rice is mixed with the remaining butter, egg yolks and pour into pan. Top is poured apples. Egg whites are broken down into thick snow and add 2 tbsp icing sugar. With egg whites are coated apples and cake bake oven slightly weak. Decorate with jam and served cold.
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07 Jul 2014