Shupfnudeli with skinless sausages, mushrooms and peppers

Submitted by enr on 21 Jun 2014
500 g shupfnudeli
500 g Frankfurt skinless sausages
2 onion
300 g mushrooms mushrooms
2 fleshy peppers
200 g processed cheese
sunflower oil
salt, pepper , cayenne pepper
parsley and other herbs optional
Shupfnudeli with skinless sausages, mushrooms and peppers
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Boil water with salt in it and pour noodles. Boil until the float and drain. onions and peppers cut into strips, mushrooms - sliced ​​and the skinless sausages - pieces. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Onions and peppers fried in the oil, put noodles and are the skinless sausages, put salt, black and cayenne pepper, and everything is fried on medium-high heat until onion is almost melted. I dribble a little water and put the lid so the dish stew and becomes faster. Finally put mushrooms as to put aroma, put it processed cheese, Cover to melt, mix to take on the dish and serve immediately. * Shupfnudelite may be replaced with gnocchi or shpetsli. * I do not use triangles of feta cheese and processed cheese spreads, which is semi.
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21 Jun 2014