Sirenki cheese

Submitted by enr on 28 Feb 2012
1 kg white flour
300 ml milk
100 g yogurt
3 eggs
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp lard
20 g fresh yeast
200 g feta cheese for the filling
2 eggs
Sirenki cheese
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Yeast dissolved in 100 ml warm but not hot milk and add the flour to obtain not very thick porridge. Add a pinch of sugar and 1-2. This will cause a rapid rising of yeast. Then sieved flour. Add dry ingredients and mix. Form a well in it and pour the eggs, 200 ml milk, 100 g of yogurt and the oil. Finally, add yeast and finished. Involved medium hard dough. Allow to rise until doubled in volume. Divided it by 9 buns (to me) as gently premesih. Raztochih them of sheet and sheet sprinkled each stuffed with feta cheese and eggs. Rolled and then a snail. Daub with egg yolk and a little milk. Grate the cheese on top. Bake in moderate oven 180C.
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28 Feb 2012
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Sounds interesting, but your photos are great! Very tasty! But I have a few remarks - according to the rules of the site to upload a recipe name is not allowed to have adjectives like *delicious* because it does not solve every man for himself - for me and you can have delicious, but third are not. Here are the rules Furthermore, because the filling of cheese, are they not sirenki?

Galya, Rally was right name - please change it. I think if we call kashkavalki stuffed with cheese or sirenki, sprinkled with cheese is more a matter of perspective :) Just reminded me of a plaque in the bakery, which provided as follows: *Today patties with cheese there, because over the curd.* :)

As from the bakery! They are great

1tbs lard in the dough you put?

Yes, in the dough.

1tbs mass can you replace with oil, never alone cooked with lard.

You, no problem.

GaliaR, tidy sirenkite tonight. Supreme pleasure of their provision tummies :)! Thanks for shared recipe! Raztochih a thin sheet for filling a mixture of: eggs, sour cream, cheese, cheeses and dill :). I hope I cope with the pictures :)

Pepi, as well so you do not have a photo! :) You'll have the most - soon to try them. ;) If today was not groomed bread, tomorrow I have to them jerked. Later saw the pictures ... :)

Bobby, to be honest long I'm going to throw, but postponed ... I thought it is a difficult task and will be exposed. Yesterday we had a family holiday, courage and pleasantly surprised :) household for a first attempt and I was pleased with the result, but the most important is that we were tasty :)

It was marvelous! When I became a sticky dough, I had to put a lot of flour! Important is the final result :)