Stuffed chocolate eggs

Submitted by enr on 07 Apr 2010
500 g of chocolate or 8 shells of chocolate eggs
200 g sour cream
200 ml liquid sweetened cream
70 g of powdered sugar
1 vanilla
500 g strawberries
Stuffed chocolate eggs
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Melt the chocolate in a water bath and pour in 16 half shells of chocolate eggs or use ready. Before presenting beat liquid and sour cream with powdered sugar and vanilla. Cut the strawberries, leaving 8 goals and 8 halves strawberries for decoration. Fill 8 half chocolate shells with cream and strawberries and cover cap as with the other 8 halves. Garnish with whipped cream and strawberry half dipped in chocolate.
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07 Apr 2010


idea I really like - quick but very spectacular dessert, certainly not quickly forget! Bravo!

very original and beautiful

I'll do often that my daughter enjoys toys and chocolate egg hanging on ladilnika, and loves cream.

bravo great looks super

are very beautiful. Bravo! And then it goes weaken;-)

tonight the cake with this dessert. Deep bow to the lady invented it and published

Thanks for all the grades! I am glad that my idea you liked and highly appreciated. Basically I have poured chocolate eggs - Here is another idea: in the lower shell of the bottom layer is a triple - chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate and again. With ready proved equally impressive with a slight difference - smaller are!

There are many beautiful pictures you not tired of looking ... well done!

I used the idea of ​​decoration on the cake children. Decked with colorful candy instead of strawberries.

I'm glad you enjoyed the idea. Children liked you stuffed eggs?

Of course I like them, ate them first :) Thank you share it with us!