Stumps without baking

Submitted by enr on 18 Feb 2010
1 ready roll (250 g)
# For the cream:
100 g sour cream
100 g yoghurt
200 g chocolate spread
1-2 drops of rum
1-2 drops vanilla
# For sprinkling:
4 tbsp finely ground walnuts
Stumps without baking
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The roll is cut into slices about 1 cm thick. Cream is prepared by mixing all the products and stirred to give a smooth cream. Two by two slices stick with the cream and the rest of the cream smeared on top. Sprinkle with the walnuts. Stay a few hours (at least 3) in a refrigerator. If you stay longer, become more juicy. The decoration is the desire and the occasion. You can make cake by allocating an equal number of slices from the roll to the base two and stitched together with the cream.
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18 Feb 2010


I've done them for about 10min.I received 6 pcs. because they had already eaten from the roll, but must go 8-9 pc., depends on the thickness, which will cut the bread.

interesting idea, well done.

And what's the point of playing at all? They will buy a roll, let's buy .. will buy the same cream for the same money and will not stain.

Yes, and it 8 number. Not worth the mess.

It makes sense to play, because exactly this cream makes me doubt to find somewhere, and if you want to *pay* mess, nothing prevents you to bake sponge themselves and to turn more pieces (which respectively will take longer).

Easy and original recipe :) If you think a bit, you can take 2 rolls - so you get Konush, some 15 logs :) And I agree that such pudding hardly you can buy it ready ...

but of course .. who feels zanivama and she likes to cook things, it will make and marshes and on the pudding - there are many different variations: a variety puddingta - This is milk cream .. Nothing to say the recipe is not bad, just saying that it makes no sense for me to buy and mess, it will be dirty - you will be doing and marshes;)

When someone comes to visit and bring ready-bought roll, it remains in the fridge and no one to touch it, so I got the idea to offer with improved taste. Bought dry, and cut the them and sat at the table become even more dry.

I agree with you, I did not mind, as I said the recipe is not bad, but my opinion about making it too shared :) When a person does not have much time to deal and to cook, such recipes will have its benefits.