Surprise Bread (Pain Surprise)

Submitted by enr on 22 Feb 2013
1 bread - about 2 kg
6 slices smoked ham
6 slices of smoked salmon
120 g butter
100 g butter
200 g of boiled chicken
1/2 lime
Surprise Bread (Pain Surprise)
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Bread surprise bread with cut inside, which is replaced with stuffing or inside make sandwiches and rank again in bread. Ideal for buffet, picnic, or an event. In this recipe will offer you an exemplary embodiment of this bread (the most that can be found in bakeries in France, Belgium, Luxembourg), but you can do it with your choice stuffing with bread or your ready production. It's much easier to make bread surprise not very fresh ie must be made the day before. On the day of action topping of bread exactly the place where it starts to be rounded to get a hat as much as possible small. With serrated knife cut entirely inside the bread (perimeter), the country must not be neither too thick nor too thin, as it will keep the bread (will shell). To shape the bottom threaded bread 2 cm from the bottom of the base of the bread and cut away until you cut (cut first left, then right). The idea is to cut without pay bottom and leaves no visible traces outside. This is the most labor-intensive part of the beginner. Then turn the bread to release the inner part we cut. If not free, it's helping again with the knife, shaking it so that it can be released. If you're still unable to make another cross-section of the outside so as to cut inside where you did the first time. In bakeries have machine pain surprise, but described above will work. Photo 6 I showed another way of cutting, which is difficult top. The inside of the bread, cut across the middle to produce two identical halves. Then cut each half in thin slices (0.5 cm). Must obtain an even number of slices because later will be assembled 2 2 and also keep them sorted as we cut them initially (to be able to assemble more easily). For the sandwiches with ham slices ready 4 pairs (depending on how many pairs have you received when cutting), one part is greased with butter, put on her smoked ham. With scissors cut the everything outside toast and sandwiching the other part. Thus obtained sandwich cut into 4. For the sandwiches with smoked salmon again ready 4 couples as one part with squeezed lemon and one with butter. Put salmon on the part of the butter and assemble. Again cuting 4. For a chicken sandwich and the two parts of the 4 pairs of slices are coated with mayonnaise. Feather choppy chicken on one side, assemble and cut into 4. We start piecing together the bread and order within 8 sandwiches to each other, each row turns with different stuffing. Once we are done with the order put the cover and surprise bread is ready. Put in refrigerator for several hours. Remove from the fridge an hour before serving to not too cold sandwiches. * As I said filling is desired. You can do it as a great sandwich (one line slice stuffing a row) and then cut across. Will get a big sandwich with different stuffing.
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22 Feb 2013