Sweet * strawberries *

Submitted by enr on 30 Jun 2013
1 kg of sugar
1 cup water (200 ml)
strawberries - 1 full pot of yogurt (400 g)
8 g limontozu
Sweet * strawberries *
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Sugar and water are placed in a deep saucepan on the stove until the sugar has melted and the syrup becomes transparent. Add clean and washed wild strawberry jam. After you boil sweet, shooting 20 minutes (no more) and add limontozu, leave for five minutes and remove from the fire. Sweet let completely cool to be able to better absorb strawberry syrup on. Bulk dry jars and sterilize for 10-something minutes. * During cooking is desirable, often to otpenva to give a clear sweet. * It should be borne in mind that after the cool sweet tightens.
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30 Jun 2013


Mmm ... my favorite sweet! :) Pepi, this dose how much comes out?

Pepi, gorgeous photos! And to me my favorite :) I've never done (something sweet I did not get), but I just love it :)

Nelly, we recruited six doses of strawberry jam and a little more. I went 15 jam jars (of those old with ordinary caps).

Reni, thanks! Jump comment you accept a compliment, as you know what kind of photos you do! And by the way, tomorrow I Adjust tasting! :) :) :)

Thanks, Pepi! It now remains to raise strawberry :) :)!

There strawberries this year, if you really desire Riviera is not far away :) Take three hours like us, work is definitely worth it!

iris, turned me back in time with this fragrant sweet! Beer strawberries and blueberries on Petrokhan and doing sweet! I have not tried. :)

Ina, I'm glad that I managed to provoke such fond memories with you! Command will buy you the greatest pleasure :)!

Pepi, the recipe I like and as soon as possible will make it a wild strawberry jam :)

Thank you, Willy! :)

Auuu, Pepi, I saw the photos on Shedding! ;) Where gained that amount? Congratulations, but only how it looks to the taste not to mention! :) I guess harvest is UZANA! And here we are with these pavers are very bad ... :)

Bobby, upload a photo and told not ... :) Strawberry Brahe of Usana, as every year. Three and a half hours, we filled four buckets from kilogram. Perhaps because of the rains this year have much fruit as long as you are picked :). Sweet became great command that they will treat and pancakes tossed :) :) :)

Pepi, thanks for the idea! :) Great jam get! :)

I'm very glad you comment, Nelly! :) Enjoy your meal!

Thanks, Pepi :);)!