Triangular banitsi with strained yogurt

Submitted by enr on 28 Sep 2011
500 g filo pastry sheets - hand-rolled, fine
7 eggs, divided into white and yolk
400 g feta cheese
1 cup drained yogurt
175 g pure butter
50 g grated cheese
Triangular banitsi with strained yogurt
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Beat 6 egg yolks. Add crumbled feta cheese and yoghurt. Beat the egg whites of hard snow. Combine the two mixtures - gently mixed by stirring with a spatula or spoon. Melt pure butter. Brush Spread a filo pastry sheet, bend both longer end in the middle. Spread with butter. Put 3 tbsp of the mixture. Bending again two longer end in the middle. Again, brush with butter. Starting from one shorter end of the triangle to bend the end of the list - see drawing. Brush with butter and remaining yolk and sprinkle with cheese. Bake in preheated oven about 20 minutes. * Egg white must be broken down into hard snow because by the end of the winding of the banitsi, the mixture must remain fluffy. * It is with all kinds of filo pastry sheets - finely rolled, hand-rolled. Once sold etc Sofia peel - were soft and elastic implicated eggs. They became best. * The banitsi remain fluffy even after cool. If you like sweet and savory - you can finally sprinkle with powdered sugar. * Source mother in law is my aunt.
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28 Sep 2011


A great recipe, and very well explained! Goes to favorites and those days will be our table for breakfast :)

Again I slept and I blurted it out this recipe, well that is competition. Interesting recipe and definitely will be tested in the halogen oven. Then I will give information how what happens. Now directly in Favorites.

recipe is great. Just pulled them from the oven and have become incredible. Thanks for the recipe.

Great! Minutes before January tasted and all loved it. I did not have much time, so simply ordered like a normal pie, but I kept all products-each sheet covered it on both sides with oil and sprinkle stuffing. Thanks for the recipe and warmly recommend it :)

If I have understood correctly folded to two opposite corners of the skin, then the other two opposite ... Is that so?

It is not. Do not fold like an envelope. There is a drawing of the folds.